Dream Digging Guides Synopsis

A quick synopsis of the Dream Digging Guides is sponsored by the Southwest Writers Group–a rich resource for New Mexico’s writers.

I am grateful for the critique groups I found through this organization. They provided suggestions and advice to guide my books to publication.

Click on the book to see the interview.

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Planes, Solar Panels & Hypnosis?

Flying a plane while in hypnosis?

The Solar-powered aircraft with very nice background

A Solar-powered aircraft

Solar Impulse 2, the plane fueled by solar energy only, landed in Silicon Valley, April 24, 2016, completing its ninth leg. The cockpit was very small; large enough for only one person. The flight lasted over 62 hours. How did the pilot stay awake and alert that long?

Hypnotherapy Symbol

Bertrand Piccard, MD, psychologist, balloonist, and pilot, used self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness with a focused attention. Piccard states, during the flights, he is “completely relaxed — the body is sleeping, but the mind is alert, and can still check instruments, talk to mission control and fly the plane.” He had tested this method during a five-day trans-Atlantic air balloon trip in 1992. During that training, he was able to stay alert for nearly 86 hours interrupted by a dozen 20-minute short naps.

What is the brain doing in hypnosis?

Electroencephlography (EEG) measures brain waves during a variety of human activities. Scientists have made basic categories of these brain waves.

Category Frequency or cycles per second Typical Activities
Beta 14-28 Talking, shopping, waking activities
Alpha 7-14 Relaxed, Reiki
Theta 4-7 Very relaxed, alert, Stage 1-2 of sleep
Delta .5-4 Stage 3-4 of sleep

You can see there is a range of activities in each brain wave category. A person in hypnosis is generally considered to be in the alpha, theta, or delta brain wave state. If Bertrand Piccard trained himself in self-hypnosis so he could “sleep” yet be sufficiently aware to fly balloons and airplanes, he was probably in the theta brain wave state—at least part of the time.

What would you do with this power?

  • Reduce stress?
  • Increase your focus to perform better on exams, in sports?
  • Reduce pain?
  • Relax to allow your problem solver to work?

 Set a positive intention & try it for free!

Click here for the free audio to guide you into a theta brain wave.

This alert, relaxed state with a focused attention is easy to attain. Set a positive intention before you listen. This is a powerful tool that should not be used for negative activities.

Click here to feel the wonderful peace of a theta brain wave.


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Limiting Beliefs: Find & Replace

Find and replace usually refers to word processing. Did you know that you can “Find & Replace” limiting beliefs? Those limiting beliefs that cause

  • Fear of moving forward
  • Failure to move forward–a consequence of the fear
  • Fear of failure; fear of success
  • Fears about money
  • Fears about medical procedures

None of us consciously know the beliefs we store in our subconscious minds. Wouldn’t it be nice to know, find and replace them?

You can learn how to do this in the Basic ThetaHealing® Technique class.

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