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Dream Digging Guides Synopsis

A quick synopsis of the Dream Digging Guides is sponsored by the Southwest Writers Group–a rich resource for New Mexico’s writers. I am grateful for the critique groups I found through this organization. They provided suggestions and advice to guide … Continue reading

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Planes, Solar Panels & Hypnosis?

Flying a plane while in hypnosis? A Solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2, the plane fueled by solar energy only, landed in Silicon Valley, April 24, 2016, completing its ninth leg. The cockpit was very small; large enough for only one … Continue reading

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Limiting Beliefs: Find & Replace

Find and replace usually refers to word processing. Did you know that you can “Find & Replace” limiting beliefs? Those limiting beliefs that cause Fear of moving forward Failure to move forward–a consequence of the fear Fear of failure; fear … Continue reading

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