What is the ThetaHealing® Technique?

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    What is the ThetaHealing®  Technique?

    ThetaHealing® Technique is applied quantum physics. Using a theta brain wave, the practitioner is able to connect with the energy of Universal Divine Energy of the Creator of All That Is in order to

    • Identify issues with and witness healings on the physical body.
    • Identify and change limiting beliefs.

    This extraordinary technique allows immediate physical and emotional transformations and healings for the client.

    How does this work?

    We fluctuate among various brain waves.

    • Beta wave:  When we are active, alert and talking, or thinking and speaking with others, we are in a brain wave frequency of 14-28 cycles per second.
    • Alpha wave:  We are more relaxed; we may be daydreaming, fantasizing, doing Reiki, or mitigating pain.  Alpha wave frequency is 7-14 cycles per second.
    • Theta brain waves have a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second.  We are in a very deep state of relaxation. In a Theta state we can access not only our subconscious mind but also a connection to Universal Energy, the superconscious. We are always aware of our surroundings.
    • In the Delta wave, frequency of 0-4 cycles per second, a person is in a deep sleep. Surgery can be performed without anesthesia in this state.
    • In the Gamma wave, frequency of 40 to 5000 cycles per second or higher, we learn and process information. In an emergency, we fluctuate between a Gamma and Theta state. It is in the Theta-Gamma state that the ThetaHealing® Technique practitioner can assist the client to eliminate blocks to desired changes.

    Limiting Beliefs

    In the Theta brain wave, clients learn to connect to their psychic and empathetic senses to co-create with that energy. Yes, we are responsible for our lives. If we are not achieving our goals, perhaps we have limiting beliefs. In this case, the ThetaHealing Technique practitioner helps the client identify and, with permission, change these beliefs. In addition, during a private session, a client learns how to go into this state independently. Clients continue to create their own miracles!

    Free Agency

    Everyone has free agency. Therefore we can only affect ourselves. We cannot make someone else change; we only control ourselves, and we are responsible only for our actions. Of course, we need to act for the greater common good and teach morals to children, but everyone is on their own path and is responsible for learning their chosen lessons of life.


    Clients have achieved many miracles. From a physical standpoint, they have

    • lowered blood pressure,
    • reduced post-operative pain to the point of taking no more pain killers,
    • accelerated healing after orthopedic surgery,
    • achieved deep and restful sleep,
    • have approached surgery and dental procedures with calm confidence,
    • decreased anger,
    • have trained with confidence for sports.

    There are limitless possibilities.

    Free Introduction to ThetaHealing Technique

    Participants in this two-hour introduction to Basic DNA ThetaHealing as developed by Vianna Stibal,  experience the deep relaxation of a theta brain wave.  You will receive an explanation of the course with a demonstration of  the techniques that allow you to change life patterns.  These patterns are held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed. Come to see how to change the beliefs that no longer serve you.

    Contact us for dates and location.

    I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for introducing me to Basic ThetaHealing.  Last night I had the best sleep I have had in years, filled with dreams and peace.  Oddly enough – you were in my dreams still working with me.  I don’t know if that is usual or not.  Thank you again!

    H.D. Albuquerque


    Choose new ways of thinking, doing and being….

    Like the practice of medicine, these complementary methods: hypnosis, self-hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation and ThetaHealing® Technique are not absolute sciences.  Hypnosis, self-hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation and ThetaHealing Technique are for educational and self-improvement purposes and are not for the diagnosis or treatment of any mental, behavioral or physical ailment. Hypnosis and ThetaHealing Technique are not substitutes for standard medical care.  Clients and participants are advised to obtain the best medical treatment available.

    From Vianna, Founder of ThetaHealing Technique

    The ThetaHealing meditation technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health.  Her original book details her personal healing journey and her connection to the Creator utilizing her meditation technique.  She did not start teaching the ThetaHealing technique until 2006 or so, after she had perfected the technique on herself.

    The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body and spirit while getting closer to the Creator of All That Is (our God has many names and we call him Creator).  It is a focused prayer to the Creator and allows you to train your mind, body and spirit to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing Technique creates a positive lifestyle.

    The ThetaHealing technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It teaches how to put to use one’s own natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work.” We believe by focused prayer utilizing a “Theta” and “delta” brainwave (incorporating physics and quantum physics), you can actually witness the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional well-being. We have learned that through the ThetaHealing Technique intuitive abilities can be used to bring about spontaneous changes and physical and emotional well-being.

    To Learn more about the ThetaHealing technique, visit www.thetahealing.com

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