Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Technique

Learn the basic ThetaHealing® technique.  Consciously go into a theta brain wave to change beliefs that we have learned, inherited, or acquired from the collective consciousness.

Learn to

  • Create feelings
  • Do intuitive readings
  • Dig for bottom beliefs and replace them
  • DNA Activation
  • Manifest
    …and more

Earn a ThetaHealing® Practitioner’s Certificate and the privilege of a listing on

Cost including snacks and materials:  $535

See calendar for dates.

Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® Course

Build on the skills learned in the Basic DNA ThetaHealing® class.  Learn more about the Seven Planes of Existence, how to clear resentments, rejections, regrets.  Receive hundreds of downloads.  Learn to dig for the bottom beliefs to release them and replace with more appropriate beliefs that serve you.

Course completion allows you to be listed on as a ThetaHealing® practitioner.

Cost including snacks and materials:  $535

See calendar for dates.

ThetaHealing® Technique Digging Practice

Certified ThetaHealers!  Practice your ThetaHealing Technique digging skills that you learned in both the Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing classes!  This 2-hour session allows you to hone your digging skills and receive healings as well.  Phone participation is available via Skype.  Learn how to do effective ThetaHealing Technique over the phone.

Dates:  See calendar.

Cost:  $35 at the door.

Contact us for location.

Dream Digging

Our dreams are a rich resource! Dreamers have solved problems, created new inventions, written books, and finished paintings–all from something revealed through their dreams. Others have received warnings of their own illnesses before Western doctors diagnosed them. Still others have precognitive dreams.

Dreams can reveal beliefs that no longer serve us. Each image and metaphor can represent many beliefs. ThetaHealers, you are invited to learn how to use dreams to enhance your digging work. Learn to use this technique with your own dreams and those of your clients.


  • Basic DNA ThetaHealing Technique
  • Advanced DNA ThetaHealing Technique
  • Ullman Dream Group Participation

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Weight Release with ThetaHealing® Technique

Release weight using hypnosis and ThetaHealing® Technique.  Learn how to

  • Test for unknown sabotaging beliefs.
  • Replace those sabotaging beliefs.
  • Continue to release weight with grace and ease so it is gone forever!!!

Cost including materials:  $64

See calendar for dates.

Like the practice of medicine, these complementary methods: hypnosis, self-hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation and ThetaHealing® Technique are not absolute sciences.  Hypnosis, self-hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation and ThetaHealing Technique are for educational and self-improvement purposes and are not for the diagnosis or treatment of any mental, behavioral or physical ailment. Hypnosis and ThetaHealing Technique are not substitutes for standard medical care.  Clients and participants are advised to obtain the best medical treatment available.