At Ease Now!

I had the most wonderful experience working with Jan. At the time I was in a particularly fragile and anxious state and by the end of the session I felt relaxed, at ease and once again present and grounded. By working with different parts of myself we were able to tap into deep fears, gain an understanding of what issues were holding me back and also to fully integrate the different parts. I find Jan to be a truly intuitive and compassionate healer.

    J.B., Paris, France

World Trade Center Survivor – Sleep Problems

I survived both World Trade Center attacks, the one in 1993 and then on 9/11.  For five years since 9/11, I was so sleep deprived that I could hardly function.  After three sessions with Janet, I was able to return to a deep, continuous sleep each night.  I even slept through my alarm.  I got my life back!

    Catherine P.

Lower Blood Pressure, Increased Confidence

I have always had anxiety about most things medical, so when I received a diagnosis of invasive carcinoma following a colonoscopy, my fears were skyrocketing.  My blood pressure at the gastroenterologist’s office was 167 over 93, and I could hardly breathe.  Jan prepared some recordings for me to listen to and gave me a few hypnotherapy sessions, and I began my quest to make myself more able to cope with my upcoming surgery.  At the surgeon’s office, prior to the surgery, I was able to carry on a productive and helpful conversation with the surgeon, and my blood pressure was 130 over 82.  I had a degree of confidence that I had never had before in a medical situation this important.  I continued listening to the recordings that Jan had made for me that prepared me for my surgery, and when the day came, I was confident and prepared.  I was able to be admitted to the hospital, fill out the forms and get prepped for surgery, and my blood pressure was 130 over 80.  I surprised myself and my wife with the degree of confidence that I had.  The surgery went as well as could be hoped; with the outcome being– no further treatment was necessary!

    I know that I was much more able to respond positively to all of the medical personnel who helped me and speeded my recovery by being able to calmly accept needed medical treatments and interacting in a friendly and positive manner with all of the personnel in the hospital, than I ever would have without Jan’s help.  I know that her help made my medical treatment more effective and my recovery faster and less painful.  I will always be grateful to Jan for her help.

    E.W., Iowa

Sleep During Cancer Treatment

The CDs are absolutely wonderful!  You know what – last night I slept properly for the first time in ages.  When I woke up a few times, I just recalled the way to relax, and I was soon off to sleep again.

    G. G., Brighton, England, UK


I’ve been fighting allergies for over 20 years.  Jan’s techniques worked almost instantly to rid me of my symptoms.  The plants are my friends again.

    A. D., Albuquerque, NM

Prostate Surgery

Ever since I was five years old, the worst thing I could imagine happening to me was to have someone cut into my body.  When I learned that I needed surgery for prostate cancer, I was anxious to say the least.  Jan made me tapes for pre-op, immediate post-op, and for the recovery period.  The tapes had such a calming influence.  As I went into surgery I was surprised that I was as calm and serene as I was.  The surgery went much better than I expected, and the recovery is proceeding very quickly.  Thanks so much, Jan, for your unbelievable role in my healing process.

    T.S., Cedar Falls, IA

No More Pain

After hand surgery I was in severe pain, and my medication was not helping.  I spoke with the doctor who was going to give me stronger medication.  I was desperate and came to Jan for a session not really believing it would work.  During the session, I could not feel my hand, which was frightening.  I opened my eyes to make sure it was attached.  I saw that my arm was still attached, but the pain was gone.  I felt NO pain.  Since the session I don’t need pain medication – even my knees don’t hurt anymore.

Freddy A., New York, NY

An 8-year old is helped.

I had listened to Jan’s relaxation CD with my 8-year-old son, Rhett, to help him relax when I put him to bed.  A few months later we were on vacation, and he had trouble sleeping.

“Mom, we need that CD.”

“What CD?”

“You know the one that says, ‘just relax and close your eyes.’”

Karen, Cedar Falls, IA

Surgery Preparation

My husband was not sleeping as he anticipated his surgery.  The possible outcome was frightening.  With your tapes, he is sleeping so much better. He also seems much calmer and much less tense when discussing the surgery.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to thank you enough!!!

Marilyn, Danbury, CT

Medical Procedure Preparation

I had been referred to a specialist and was very anxious about an upcoming procedure.  After my session with Jan, I was able to relax prior to my appointment.  While I was in the hospital waiting for my procedure, I was relaxed enough to write interview questions for a current research project I was conducting.  I was amazed I was able to concentrate on something other than the procedure!  Changing my thoughts really changed the way I lived before, during and after my procedure.

J. W., Monticello, IA

Sports Performance – and an added benefit!

I was scheduled to take a trekking vacation to Peru and Machu Picchu this summer. The hiking would be at higher altitudes, between 10 and 15,000 feet. Since my past experiences at lower altitudes (9,000 feet) had resulted in headaches and shortness of breath, I was apprehensive about how I would do at the higher altitude. I also have borderline low hemoglobin and hematocrit, so had some concerns that I would have difficulty with my breathing.

Jan made me an individualized specific CD that addressed my concerns. I listened to the CD daily for the month prior to the trip, and used it for relaxation as well as to address my concerns about breathing and hiking at high altitudes. Since I practically had the script memorized by the time I left on my trip, I was also able to go through the script in my head during rest breaks on the hike, and before going to sleep in my tent as we camped. I was delighted to find I was able to complete the hike with no ill effects. Breathing was easier than anticipated, and my breathing seemed to be as good as my fellow hikers, allowing me to keep pace easily with the group. The relaxation aspect of the CD also helped me rest better at night, and reduce the usual muscular aches one would experience after strenuous activity.

And when I returned home from the trip, I had my annual physical, involving the usual blood work. My hemoglobin was now 13.9 (it was 11.8 the year before), and my hematocrit improved from 36.5 to 43 this year. This put me squarely in the normal range and it was the best values I have ever had. I truly appreciated using the CD to enhance my health which made my vacation much more enjoyable.

C.S., Cedar Falls, IA

Chronic Pain – No Known Cause

The hypnosis really helped. I use it each day and the pain dial is really great.

Bonnie, Cedar Falls, IA

Her physical therapist reports:

Today Bonnie reports her husband had a surprise birthday party Saturday night, and she was able to dance a few dances. She reports she was pretty sore on Sunday, but doing OK on Monday (today). She also relates she is now able to sweep her floor and make her bed, both things which she had stopped doing due to back pain. She is sleeping well if she lays on her side, and is not awakening due to pain. The sharp pains are gone, she does have some aches, but from the above mentioned increase in activities, she is able to do more. She reports she is using the pain dial to decrease her symptoms.


Improved Quality of Life

Ever since you gave me a hypnosis session about my hand tremor, my hands are steadier.  But the surprising thing is that my sense of touch has improved.  Before the session, my fingers were like boards.  In combination with hypnosis and the enzymes I am taking, my fingers are tingling and I am getting some feeling back.  My whole system is changing.  Since 1983 when I had my quintuple by-pass surgery and the doctors gave me 5 years to live, I have only slept 4 hours a night.  During the heart operation they had trouble getting my heart going again – I had to wake up.  Now 24 years later I am sleeping 6 hours a night.  My body seems to heal during sleep.

R.W., Monticello, IA

Double Knee Replacement

Having had one “failed” knee surgery (left knee, partial knee replacement, November 2006), I needed a lot of help to put my mind at ease in facing the next surgeries (March 9: left knee reconstruction from partial to total knee replacement and March 13:right knee total knee replacement). After setting the dates for surgery, I had five weeks more of “wait time.”  That’s when I contacted you.

Your guidance and your tapes really helped me through a period that could have been fraught with anxiety and fear.   With your coaching and with practice, I was able to cultivate and maintain a positive outlook about the upcoming surgery and also begin to work cooperatively with my subconscious mind to assist my knees/legs in beginning the healing and strengthening process, even before surgery.  In addition, I began to build expectations for a positive outcome,as well as trust in my new surgeon and his assistants.  Each time I felt worry and concern emerging, I would listen to the tape to put myself back into a positive mindset.

When the day for the first surgery (left knee reconstruction) finally came, I was totally relaxed and agreed with the anesthesiologist that I would stay awake, using only anesthesia from the waist down. Few could believe that I actually came out of surgery alert, awake, and saying that I had had a good time.  The anesthesiologist deserves credit for providing great music and for being an engaging conversationalist.  The fact that I didn’t have to fight off the anesthesia speeded my recovery.  There were no complications, so the next surgery went ahead as planned four days later.

Again, I was able to enter the surgery room laughing and talking with the doctors and nurses.  This time, the anesthesiologist and I ended up talking less, since I was a bit sleepy – a bit wiped out from the first surgery, just four days prior. But, I felt totally relaxed and confident.  I had a very clear sensation of resting on a beach, just enjoying the atmosphere – with a sense of warmth, as if from sun, and just mellowing out with the music.

Again, entering the recovery phase was easy, and healing started immediately.  I began to develop flexibility and strength even while in the hospital.  I felt confident in trusting my subconscious mind and allowing it to work cooperatively with my body, so that I could bring to awareness anything that needed attention.  This subtle, but powerful awareness, guided me in asking for what I needed for the few days left in the hospital.

Three days after the second surgery, I was taken by ambulance from the hospital to the rehabilitation facility.  There, I was ready to cooperate fully and make the most of the opportunity to build strength and flexibility.  Eight days later I walked out of rehab with one cane, able to get in and out of cars, able to walk a reasonable distance, and able to climb two flights of stairs.  I had worked hard to be ready to leave for home – leaving rehab, closer to “normal” and independent than I had been for months.  This is now my second week at home.

It has been just three and half weeks since the first surgery.  I am now walking without an assistive device — using a cane around the house only on the stairs.  I am able to take care of myself in every way.   I even did some yard work in the last few days — my husband was thrilled!   I am continuing with outpatient physical therapy and doing my prescribed exercises on my own – but already I literally can “see” myself being where I want to be, doing what I want to do.  The images that we worked on together for the tapes are the reality that I am experiencing.  It some ways, it feels like a miracle (some of my friends are convinced that it is a miracle), but I know the success is grounded in firm connections between my conscious and subconscious mind and a fundamental belief that life can be trusted.

I feel doors have been opened, the path is cleared, and the rest of my life will be full and satisfying.  I’m ready to leave behind some old baggage and move into this next phase of my life with the view that the creative energy in me has been released.  I am free to move on – in more ways than one!  THANKS!!!

M.K., Yonkers, NY

Passing a Certification Exam

S. had below passing scores 3 times and was going to retake the teacher certification exam the following week.  She has this to say after exam day:  I have to say it (one hypnosis session) did work. Throughout the exam I was very positive. For the first time I didn’t stress over one question and not knowing if it was a, b, or c. I just bubbled in my first gut feeling. I felt positive. However, I’m not sure if I passed. I was not sure of some of the questions. But being positive was half my battle, thank you so much for seeing me such short notice. I’m not feeling so badly about failing (if I do); I’ll take it again!

She received her scores three weeks later…


… and not by a little but by a lot.  My scores were great!

S. H., New York, NY

Music Audition

I was under a lot of pressure from an upcoming audition.  Jan and I talked about a long dream I had the night before.  After illuminating the messages in the dream, we created short affirmations of what I wanted and then had a session that included an affirmation with a key phrase.

After not winning the audition, I was extremely disappointed, but after thinking on the experience for ONE day, I realized I got exactly what I asked for.  It was a beautiful moment.  A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.

L. D., Albuquerque, NM

No More Poison Ivy Itching

I used to get poison ivy each summer when I mowed grass or even looked at poison ivy.  We have a large yard and there is poison ivy growing around the perimeter.  The poison ivy outbreaks I would get lasted for several weeks and itched like crazy, even using all the anti-itch medication available.  But after Jan made me a CD that I listened to for a month, I have not had any serious outbreaks of poison ivy, without changing what I do outside.  Many thanks to Jan’s therapy I do not go crazy itching.

M.P., Louisville, KY

No More Migraines!

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful impact you’ve had on my life.  First of all, I officially had my entire period without a migraine!  Words are inadequate to describe the sense of elation and liberation I have now. After decades of suffering with these things (cancel cancel) I am free!  It’s pure bliss, it really is!  And secondly, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take your  Basic ThetaHealing® class.  As I said in class, this is a way of life for me now.  It’s such a perfect fit for me and I couldn’t have done  it without you.  So thank you, thank you, thank you!

J.H., New Mexico